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Our culture and values guide our belief that Bud must have a positive impact on the success of our people, communities and our environment.

bud is about

Justice Mukwevhu
I give the workers here credit and they pay me on the 25th so we work well together.
When Afrit looked for an opportuntiy to work together with the street vendors selling food outside their factory in Rosslyn, they came up with a unique plan. The vendors were providing a valuable service as Afrit do not have a canteen to feed their staff of over 1400 people. To help them improve their service and standards, four vendors were given specially equiped trailers to work from.

“We came up with the vendor creation programme as a way to give these small business owners an opportunity to have a better facility to prepare and serve their meals in,” explains Jean Rossouw, HR Manager of Afrit. Four vendors who had been working in the area for a long time and had proven their intent to grow their business, were selected. “The vendor builds up a relationship with the workers so they can get their food quickly and efficiently during their meal break,” says Jean. One of the vendors, Justice Mukwevhu, agrees, saying “I give the workers here credit and they pay me on the 25th so we work well together. “Justice has run a small shop since 2007, after working for seven years at Afrit. He credits the new trailer with improving his ability to serve his customers. “I am the breadwinner at home and I support everyone. I have to thank Afrit and Andre for changing my life because now my business is up and my life is good.”

Tiny Matjila agrees, saying her business has improved since she moved from the street corner to the trailer. “When I started here 12 years ago I cooked with firewood outside and now I’m using a gas stove and I have everything I need. I can even grill the meat. I was suffering before but now Afrit makes me proud and happy.“ Tiny is also the breadwinner as her husband is unemployed and she is proud to be putting her children through high school. “There is definitely scope for growth in the programme and we will look at improving and giving more opportunities in the future,“ says Jean. “I was present when the handover was done and the vendors were over the moon. It makes me feel extremely proud and it gives them a nice opportunity to grow.”

Justice Mukwevhu
I give the workers here credit and they pay me on the 25th so we work well together.
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As we do, our people also recognise their responsibility to be sustainable in all they do, and some of our employees have gone further than expected to contribute to their communities and the environment that they work in.

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As an integrated group, Bud’s diversified business model positions us as leaders in our markets, consisting of industrial services and minerals beneficiation.

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