The Bud Group Investment Stories

The Bud Group builds a strong foundation in a changing environment

Afrist Invests in Production Facility
As South Africa’s leading commercial trailer manufacturer, Afrit invested in the latest equipment and processes available to update their manufacturing facility at Rosslyn. The investment helps Afrit see substantial efficiency improvements in their already technology advanced capabilities.
Afrit Invests in Production Facility

Salt of the Earth - Walvis Bay Salt Holdings
In 1989 WBSH constructed a wash plant that worked 365 days, 24 hours per day. In February 2020, the team in Walvis Bay celebrated the construction of a new processing plant.
The harsh, highly corrosive environmental conditions required special design and standards to ensure a plant life of more than 30 years. The biggest improvements of the processing plant are lower processing losses, a drier product, lower power consumption, as well as the fact that the larger plant intake capabilities will support harvesting and haulage operations at a constant feed rate.
Salt of the Earth - Walvis Bay Salt Holdings

NCP Chlorchem establishes a new brine purification process
In a quest for innovation and growth from within NCP Chlorchem, the team established a new brine purification process in March 2020.
“The ceramic process has cracked the brine code and provided NCP with a suitable solution.” Visharlan Govender
The project was motivated by the need to remove barium carbonate as it posed an environmental impact.
NCP Chlorchem establishes a new brine purification process

Bud Rental Services invests in scaffolding, cranes, access equipment and property
“Without the right people in the right positions, these successes would not have been possible to share. “ In early 2018, Bud Rental Services was established through the collaboration of leading Industrial brands Concord Cranes, Goscor Access Solutions and Unispan Formwork and Scaffolding. As part of a national footprint roll out strategy, we opened three new branches in Port Elizabeth, East London and Bloemfontein in 2019 with a view to break into new markets and deliver a bespoke service to our partners and customers.
Bud Rental Services invests in scaffolding, cranes, access equipment and property

The Driefontein upgrade – Corobrik
As the Bud Group’s building materials platform, Corobrik is uniquely placed to assess ways of bringing building costs down. The new Driefontein factory will set a totally new benchmark in the South Africa brick industry in 2021. The mantra “quality, cost and flexibility” remains uppermost in the design of the new plant and the new factory will provide Corobrik with a unique opportunity to grow their offering to the market.
The Driefontein upgrade – Corobrik
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