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Our culture is a reflection of who we are and what we care about and our values guide how we conduct ourselves as responsible South Africans.

a bud story

Bud provides essential infrastructure to sub-Saharan Africa
Afrit, a Bud Industrial Services business, delivered their largest order of road train combinations to Unimat in Madagascar, with the help of Concord Cranes. The businesses worked in partnership to expand our footprint, galvanizing our values of agility, performance, innovation and partnership.

As an integrated group, Bud’s scale, relevance, and diversified business model positions us as leaders in our focus areas of chemicals and minerals, industrial services, building materials and financial services.

Bud provides essential infrastructure to sub-Saharan Africa
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Our Bud experience is based on trust and integrity. Our four values of agility, performance, innovation and We find ourselves in a challenging environment. Africa is by no means for soft people, and the manufacturing, mining, transport and construction sectors have found the current operating conditions very tough. But, that hasn’t stopped some of our employees from going beyond what’s required of them.

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We build diversified growth businesses across our chosen platforms: Chemicals and Minerals, Industrial Services, Building Materials and Financial Services.

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